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Camp Quality

Marketing & Annual Report

Camp Quality began as a charity founded on providing help and relief through holiday camps for families with young children with cancer. We love our partnership with Camp Quality and the ongoing video and design work that we do with them. We applied “Laughter is the Best Medicine” as our guiding principle when creating the Camp Quality Annual Report & Marketing Pack. The Report was contained in a fun and fabulous board game that was designed around the journey of a kid with cancer and the many ways that Camp Quality interacts with that journey.


Nucleus 6 Launch
Loulaki Blue developed a campaign look & feel and language for the launch of Cochlear’s Nucleus 6 processor in Asia Pacific. We created a suite of digital and print materials for the launch and subsequent roll out.


Change Strategy Bootcamp
Woolworths are on an exciting journey, a revolution to get closer to their customers. It entails new ways of working, new structures and new opportunities for employees. Loulaki Blue was engaged to support development of a comprehensive communications strategy, as well as creation of a look and feel for all communications media for the announcement and subsequent events.

Commonwealth Bank

CAN Leadership Guides
The first impression of new employees of their new employer is important! Leveraging the recently developed CAN brand Loulaki Blue crafted content and designed a workbook that received rave reviews! On the back of the success of the workbook we developed specific ‘editions’ for onboarding executive leaders into the bank, as well as creating a number of other collateral for Learning & Development.


DiaLog Clinician Tool
Cochlear is the world leader in hearing implants and Loulaki Blue has been working with Cochlear for over 10 years. Data logging is a feature in the Cochlear Nucleus 6 speech processor that provides clinicians with valuable evidence-based feedback about their patient’s device usage. DiaLog was developed to help clinicians interpret this information in an easily accessible format. It was a large and complex project involving the development, design, functionality and programming of a comprehensive interactive PDF. The nature of the tool meant that it needed to be intuitive and simple so that busy clinicians could find the information they need quickly. Feedback indicates it has absolutely achieved that goal.


The internal magazine Aspectz has been around AstraZeneca for a long time. In line with all the new communication platforms introduced into the company in recent years Loulaki Blue was asked to refresh the magazine. We believed that to stay relevant to a young and comm’s savvy audience Aspectz needed to look like and contain stories as engaging as anything employees might pick up in the supermarket or newsagent.