Fair for Rare Social Campaign

The Fair for Rare campaign enables people living with a rare disease to share their story and demand a ‘fair go’. Loulaki Blue was engaged to create a large suite of assets for a social campaign including still graphics, short videos and motion graphics. Over 65 individual pieces were created for release during the campaign, encouraging individuals to visit the Fair for Rare website and send a letter to their local MP in support of the rare disease community. The Fair for Rare campaign helps to show the impact of rare diseases in Australia. It strengthens Rare Voices Australia’s call for a National Rare Disease Framework, which focuses on six strategic priorities: Diagnosis, Access to Treatments, Data Collection, Coordinated Care, Access to Services and Coordinated Research.



Logo & Website

As a Media Coaching Agency, Cingere know the value of clear and exciting communication better than most. That’s why they engaged Loulaki Blue’s ‘Bronze Package’ to engineer a engaging website and create a logo that stands out from the crowd. As a new business, it was essential to have the basics, but of course cost was a primary consideration.

After creating Cingere a premium logo, we utilised the colour scheme to create a look and feel for the website. And after helping to craft the copy, we divided the content across 4 pages – Home Page (Who We Are) / Services / About Us and Testimonials.

As standard, we also created a Contact Us page, with a submission form for any potential clients to have their queries directed straight to the company Director.

The end result?

A stunning example of the essential marketing collateral that helps new businesses stand out against their competitors.

Westpac Group Operations

10CSE Portal

10 Customer Service Excellence for Westpac Group provides tools and processes for approximately 4,000 Group Operations staff members, empowering them to continually improve customer outcomes. After three years, Loulaki Blue was engaged to repower the initiative through the development of a communications strategy and plan, implementation of a refreshed website, and delivery of a launch campaign to re-engage staff in the power of 10.


Website Refresh

The team at Mergers & Acquisitions identified the need to improve their website user experience. With a simplified navigation and creation of a more contemporary look and feel Loulaki Blue produced a refreshed site which truly positions Mergers and Acquisitions as expert Corporate Advisors.

BT Financial Group

BOLD Portal
With an ambitious goal to substantially increase their contribution to the Westpac Group while continuing to deliver to customers on their mission to deliver their best financial future, BTFG developed a new People Strategy. The foundation of the strategy was to Building Outstanding Leaders who Dream and Deliver (BOLD) and a key component of the communication and support to employees has been the BOLD portal.

Westpac Group

Learning Bank
Westpac Group has recently introduced a one stop online learning platform for employees. The system provides learning materials from internal and external sources accessed by employees via their computer, smart phone or tablet, where ever they are located. Loulaki Blue created the LearningBank identity including the look & feel, imagery and strapline for the website skin. We have subsequently been engaged to develop the campaign strategy for the launch of LearningBank 2.0 and various supporting media materials.


DiaLog Clinician Tool
Data logging is a feature in the Cochlear Nucleus 6 speech processor that provides clinicians with valuable evidence-based feedback about their patient’s device usage. DiaLog was developed to help clinicians interpret this information in an easily accessible format. It was a large and complex project involving the development, design, functionality and programming of a comprehensive interactive PDF. The nature of the tool meant that it needed to be intuitive and simple so that busy clinicians could find the information they need quickly. Feedback indicates it has absolutely achieved that goal.

Commonwealth Bank

CAN Leadership E-mags
The first impression new employees form of their new employer is important! Leveraging the recently developed CAN brand Loulaki Blue crafted content and designed an interactive e-Mag that received rave reviews! On the back of the success of the e-Mag we developed specific ‘editions’ for on boarding executive leaders into the bank, as well as creating a number of other collateral for Learning & Development.


MBA Recruitment
In a very competitive marketplace AstraZeneca required a communication campaign that would assist them to attract the best and the brightest Graduate Recruits in the region. Loulaki Blue was involved in the strategic approach to reach this young and digitally savvy audience. We created a micro-site as well as dynamic presentation support materials, video and portable exhibition stands that would stand out and appeal to MBA students and graduates.

Achmea Australia

Company Website
We developed the brand & look and feel for Achmea Australia and one of the main activations of this project was their website. We took the newly created brand and from conceptualisation and assessing the requirements for functionality created an informative company website.

Lend Lease

Career & Development / Managers Guide
With outstanding work having been completed creating a Career Job Framework and a Career and Development portal hosting all learning and development tools and resources, Lend Lease needed to engage, educate and promote action across it’s global workforce. A campaign strategy, messaging and visual platform were developed, along with specific tactics including a teaser campaign, intranet spotlights, online newsletter, posters and a People Leader e-mag.