Loulaki Blue is a powder. It is vibrant and vivid with a texture like talcum powder. Loulaki is used to create the brilliant colours that are found in the villas and the tavernas of the Greek Islands. If you have been to Mykonos or seen postcards from Santorini, you have seen Loulaki Blue.

We chose the name because we like its elegant simplicity – vibrant and energetic by nature and rendered with clarity and precision. We thought it was a suitable description of the way we like to do business.

When we started over 15 years ago the vast majority of our work was video production. We saw ourselves very much as storytellers, weaving our creative and production magic to bring your brand and corporate stories to life in engaging and memorable ways.

In the intervening years we’ve grown and evolved to become much more than a video production company. Today we work as strategic communication partners with our clients to understand their business objectives and communication issues, offering strategies to improve engagement and delivering the best solutions across emerging and traditional media.

We’re still passionate about storytelling, it’s just today the stories we tell are told across multiple media to ensure they deliver positive returns to your business.