A new podcast series from Loulaki Blue

Loulaki Blue talks with some industry experts,  discussing inclusion & diversity in Australian organisations,
and exploring the topic from a variety of perspectives.


Perspectives: The Importance of Gender Equality in Australian Organisations (Episode Three)
This podcast discussion with Troy Roderick, a Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, explores the challenges and opportunities for achieving gender equality in organisations. Bringing his experience from government, Telstra, and working with a wide variety of organisations, Troy has fascinating insights into the importance of leadership, and comments specifically on male leadership, in being accountable for driving progress towards gender equality.



Perspectives: Exploring Sexual Misconduct in Australian Organisations (Episode Two)
Organisations are certainly focused on addressing sexual harassment and sexism,
but how are we going?
Alex Shehadie, Project Director, Elizabeth Broderick & Co sheds some light on what’s really happening, what works, and what more we need to do!


Perspectives: Addressing Racism & Bullying in Australian Organisations (Episode One)
Loulaki Blue sits down with Andrew Butler, an issues management specialist, about the AFL’s response to the treatment of Adam Goodes. Recent documentaries, The Final Quarter produced by Ian Darling and The Australian Dream produced by Stan Grant, have brought the issue of racism and how organisations respond and support people facing discrimination into sharp focus.